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Welcome to the Community of Bears!

Headshot photo of Cedric Howard


Whether you are an incoming first-year student, transfer, or returning student, we are extremely excited that you are part of the University of Northern Colorado community. As you begin your time as a Bear, I want you to know that everyone in the Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Services (SAES) is dedicated to your success and to meeting all your needs. 

Team members across SAES want you to have an amazing campus experience. 我们有很多 resources available to you, either remotely or in person, and we hope you will take advantage of the many services we offer when you need them: 

  • Involvement on campus is key to enhancing your time at UNC, as it introduces you to campus life and UNC’s culture, spirit, and traditions. We are here to help you realize you are a valuable part of the Bear community (Office of Student Life).
  • 支持 on campus (Division of Student Academic Success) is vital to your success, and we in Student Affairs & Enrollment Services can support both your academic and personal success.
  • 住校 (On-Campus Housing) can enrich your campus experience in immeasurable ways. Student Housing and Residential Education offer all students a positive living and learning environment.
  • Your health and well-being (外展 & 支持)is one of our top priorities. Whether you need physical, mental, or spiritual support, 我们可以帮助你. 

We have implemented a continuous improvement process that includes regularly assessing our programs and services to ensure we are offering you the quality support you need. And we may need your help with that. At some point, we may ask students for feedback that will help us get better. Your input is invaluable to improving our programs and services and ensuring that we fulfill our and UNC’s educational mission. 

We encourage you to walk around campus and learn all you can about the University of Northern Colorado (UNC). And we would also love for you to seek us out and find out which of our programs and services can help you on your journey to becoming a UNC alum. 

The years you spend at UNC should be some of the best ones of your life, and we are here to help make that happen if you will let us. Please reach out and tell us how. 


Have a Beartastic experience, 

塞德里克B. 霍华德,艾德.D.副总裁

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The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services cultivates an environment that develops students’ skills leading to the completion of academic goals, personal growth, and preparation for responsible citizenship.


The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services will provide a transformative student experience that positively impacts student access, academic success, persistence, 和毕业.


The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services is committed to creating a Community of Bears where students are empowered to develop as leaders, embrace social equity, and become life-long contributors in an increasingly diverse society. 这 is accomplished through the division’s core values:

  • 学生的成功

    Creating transformative learning environments for students and those who serve them

  • Excellence, Collegiality, and Professionalism

    Modeling professionalism through collaborative, ethical leadership, integrity, credibility, respect, consistency, customer service, and effectiveness

  • Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, and Global Understanding

    Standing for a sense of community where all individuals are valued

  • Assessment and Accountability

    Continually evaluating and improving practices, in order to hold professionals accountable through the collection and use of assessment evidence